Custom & Handmade in Winter Park, Colorado

Chris reviews all orders before payment is required to make sure you get exactly what your looking for.

Shapes (Limited Availability)



Request A Custom Shape

Option to pay for cassette materials and tooling (OR) Your name will be added to a list for that shape, once demand is high enough CRSP will create your cassette. All suggestions/requests welcome!


    Core Construction

    What does CRSP recommend?

    Make an appointment with CRSP for a recommendation.

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    Traditional Fiberglass

    Responsive reliable and tough. 3 Year Warranty.


    Light but powerful.

    Full Carbon & Glass (+$100)

    Highly recommended for touring models. Lightweight & poppy.

    Carbon Fiber Strips/Stringers +$50

    Adds Stiffness and Rigidity.

    Base Options

    We use the THICKEST base material and edge available on the market today leaving you less chances to get core shots and better chances to get more grinds and edge life out of your purchase. Our sintered base material is also super fast static resistant, has high wax retention and 10x more abrasive resistant than high carbon steel.

    Custom Graphic Library (Or send your own artwork)

    Graphics below will be cropped to the shape of your choosing, skis or snowboard.

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