Why "CRSP"?

We are a Custom ski, snowboard and split board company located in Colorado building high performance product, custom tailored to every customer. We have our own facility where we are able to control every aspect of the construction and design.

We use full wood core stringers including such strains as poplar, bamboo and ash while inviting some other strains in to play with from now and then. We also use the thickest edge material and base to add durability and life to our product.

Our skis are handmade in Colorado, overbuilt to demanding specifications, and inspired by the mountains we live, breathe, and play in.

Contact us with any questions.

Cool, Can you make me Skis?

Chris Peters, Founder

Custom & Local

Based in Colorado our shop allows us to press and test skis daily. Our skis are made to be fun, durable, affordable & a custom work of art for you to enjoy season after season.

We are constantly asking for feedback on our construction, we take that critique and apply it to each new pair forged. If you have any suggestions or questions about our process, reach out we would love to hear it.

Where's the shop?

Take the Tour

Come see how its done. From material selection to implementing custom designs. Our shop is always open to customers looking to educate themselves on the process. When you send an inquiry about your new pair of custom skis, just let Chris know you'd like to come and see them being constructed as well!